What's Happening at SEGGER?

2017 |
Aug. 16
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Time synchronization in industrial automation

Precise clock synchronization with new PTP module (IEEE1588)

SEGGER introduces its new PTP software module as an add-on to its embOS/IP offering. The PTP module implements the globally recognized Precision Time Protocol (PTP) standard IEEE 1588v2 (also called IEEE 1588-2008) to synchronize an ordinary clock (a slave clock on the target) with an external reference clock via Ethernet. Synchronization of this kind is required in all applications where data sources or sensors relate to each other via time information. Examples can be found in the imaging or image recognition industry, in audio applications, plus other broadcasting and media applications, as well as increasingly in industrial automation.

The Precision Time Protocol can be used with or without PTP hardware support. The protocol itself is able to provide a sub-millisecond precise synchronization by using software timers. PTP hardware support of the network interface can improve the synchronization accuracy to around 100ns between the target (Ordinary Clock) and the reference clock (Grandmaster Clock).

SEGGER’s implementation of PTP has been created from the ground up for resource constrained hardware of embedded systems. It is fully optimized for deterministic time measurement (without latency issues) and for minimal memory footprint requirements. PTP hardware support is not required, but can be fully utilized to reach the highest possible precision. Drivers for specific hardware support are available.

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