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2024 |
Apr. 24
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PR graphic Flasher Hub-4

SEGGER introduces Flasher Hub-4 for compact, cost-efficient, high-volume production programming

SEGGER announces the immediate availability of the Flasher Hub-4. In combination with Flasher Compact devices, it forms a space-efficient, cost-effective solution for high-speed, high-volume production programming.

Targets are programmed in parallel with each target receiving its own image. All images and all targets can be identical or different. Traditional gang programming is easily achieved by sending the same image to all devices. Flasher Hub can do it all.

Four Flasher Compact units can be connected directly to the Hub-4, and up to 24 can be connected and controlled using SEGGER USB hubs.

The Flasher Hub-4 is a compact version of the Flasher Hub-12: The Hub-4 is only 125 mm wide by 78 mm long and just 25 mm high.

“The Flasher Hub-4 is an incredibly space-efficient option,” says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER. “It is just a little bigger than a standard deck of cards, making it the most compact and efficient control unit on the market today!”

As a comprehensive management and control system, the Flasher Hub-4 ensures efficient operation of connected Flasher Compacts. Users can monitor and control the Hub via various interfaces including handshake lines, RS232, USB, or integrated Telnet, web, and FTP servers. In addition, individual programming tasks can be customized with unique serial numbers, patches, and licenses for seamless integration into production environments.

All SEGGER in-circuit flash programmers are designed to achieve top programming speeds, coming very close to the theoretical minimum programming time of the tar-get hardware. The included Flasher software package runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows. This programming solution is future-proof, offering free software and firmware updates with new features and flashloaders for target devices at no additional cost.

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