What's Happening at SEGGER?

2023 |
Sep. 27
emWeb, Press Releases
emUSB-Web icon, opened laptop with headphones connected via USB

SEGGER’s emWeb via USB: An easy way to connect a headless device

SEGGER’s emUSB-Web offers a new, simplified way to configure a device that does not have a display, i.e. a headless device.

Connecting a device that does not have a human interface is now as easy as plugging in a cable. emUSB-Web uses a USB charging port to connect to a PC, enabling configuration within the comfort of a web browser.

This technology is easily accessible for all USB devices, enhancing their value and ease of use. There is no need for buttons or a display on the unit, as any PC can be used to operate the device.

One example is a printer. Instead of the usual mini touch screen, emWeb via USB enables a printer to be headless. Connecting a printer via USB allows the user to configure WiFi or IP address, paper type & print quality, status information, etc., all on “the big screen” of a PC. This saves the manufacturer the cost of a display, plus the design headache of where it should be placed, while also improving the user experience in the process.

Almost any IoT device with a USB port could benefit from emUSB-Web to improve and simplify its human interface. SEGGER uses the same technology in its marketing-leading J-Link debug probes. Headphones, speakers, a solar inverter, and many other products come to mind.

For a detailed look at how it works and information on code and RAM savings, see the blog post "A whole new way to interact with headless devices" by David Noverraz or the emUSB-Web page at