What's Happening at SEGGER?

2019 |
May 22

emNet—The new name for embOS/IP, SEGGER's proven network software

embOS/IP has proven its value over the years in many customer products and in our own products such as J-Link PRO, Flasher PRO, Flasher ATE, Flasher Secure, Flasher ARM and Flasher 5 PRO.

Now SEGGER decided to change the network stacks' name for clarification purposes:

  1. emNet is more than an IP stack, it is a complete and modern networking stack to meet the requirements of all network related applications including the Internet of Things.
  2. emNet works best with an RTOS. Naturally SEGGER recommends the use of embOS, but if for any reason the customer uses a different RTOS, he still can use emNet. The old name embOS/IP indicated, that embOS was a requirement, which was not the case.