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2020 |
Nov. 17
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New embOS Port supports 64-Bit CPU cores

SEGGER’s embOS RTOS turns 64-bit SoCs into single chip computers

SEGGER’s real time operating system embOS now supports 64-bit CPU cores.

Today, most IoT and other sophisticated embedded applications use 32-bit CPUs. Pretty soon, they will use 64-bit CPUs. This is because the latest generation of SoCs and FPGAs with advanced peripherals – such as SuperSpeed USB and Gigabit Ethernet – tend to also come with powerful 64-bit CPU cores. Advanced peripherals are usually not available to 32-bit core devices which are still used in many applications on the market today.

With embOS, users can now easily migrate to 64-bit systems while continuing to use the same application software as deployed to their current 32-bit platforms, with the same deterministic real-time behavior and even higher speed.

“There is a trend towards 64-bit CPUs for high-end applications. Customers want to use the latest SoCs or FPGAs, which are now switching to 64-bit processors,” says Til Stork, Product Manager embOS. “In most cases we see companies switch to 64-bit not because they want to, but because they have to in order to use state-of-the-art silicon. With embOS, the transition to using these powerful chips is easy. At the same time, the application program stays lean, boots quickly and is fully under the control of the application programmer.”

In many cases, the small footprint of embOS enables using 64-bit cores with just the on-chip RAM and cache memory, eliminating the need for external RAM. This significantly reduces the number of components, reducing complexity and cost of the product and the design.

embOS is a commercial RTOS supported by the experts who wrote the code and is available for use across all silicon manufacturers.

SEGGER’s embOS makes every byte count, now also on 64-bit platforms.

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