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SEGGER Evaluation Software for Renesas RX66T RSK

Renesas RX66T

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Download   embOS trial for Renesas RX66T and CCRX

Download   embOS trial for Renesas RX and IAR compiler

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Data Sheets

Renesas RX66T

  • RXv3 Core 160 MHz operation (5.8 CoreMark/MHz)
  • 2.7 to 5.5 V operation
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 105 °C
  • Program Flash up to 1 MB, SRAM up to 128 KB
  • Enhanced Analog
  • 12-bit A/D Converter x 3 units , 12-bit D/A Converter x 2 channels
  • 6-channel Comparators
  • 6-channel Pseudo-Differential PGA
  • 160 MHz PWM
  • 4 channels for 3-phase complementary switching, 2 channels for 5-phase complementary switching, 10 channels for single-phase complementary switching
  • 4-channel high-resolution PWM enables minimum 195 ps timing adjustment
  • Trusted Secure IP Lite (AES/TRNG)

RX66T MCU Group

  • Supports inverter control with a maximum operating frequency of 160 MHz, 928 CoreMark, on-chip floating point-unit (FPU), and 5V power supply
  • High-speed flash memory with 120 MHz maximum read operation to reduce speed differential with the CPU and realize both high performance and a consistent execution
  • Reduces footprint and component count by generating three-phase complementary pulse width modulation (PWM) output for up to four motors using 112-pin and 144-pin package MCUs, and up to three motors using 64-pin, 80-pin and 100-pin package MCUs
  • Configurations available with 16 KB of error correction code (ECC) SRAM, and up to 128 KB of SRAM with single-cycle access and single-bit error detection (parity checking) for high reliability
  • Ability to generate high-resolution PWM signals with a minimum state change duration of 195 picoseconds (1.6 times better than existing RX products) for power conditioner or digital power supply control applications
  • Renesas’ Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) provides secure firmware updates and encrypted communication with a track record of CAVP certification