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SEGGER Evaluation Software for Infineon XMC4300 Relax Kit

Infineon XMC4300 Relax Ether CatKit

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Data Sheets

XMC4300 Relax Kit

  • XMC4300-F100 Microcontroller based on ARM ® Cortex ®-M4@144MHZ, integrated EtherCAT ® Slave Controller, 256kB Flash and 128kB RAM
  • On-Board Debugger
  • Power over USB
  • ESD and reverse current protection
  • 2x user button and 2x user LED
  • Arduino hardware compatible 3.3V and 5V pinout
  • mikroBUS hardware compatible for click boards
  • CAN node with D-SUB 9 plug
  • EtherCAT ® node with standard plug
  • EtherCAT ® node with PHY to PHY connection (optional)


  • ARM® Cortex®-M4 with floating point unit (FPU), single-cycle DSP MAC, 80-144MHz CPU frequency
  • Up to 2MB embedded Flash with 22ns access time and error correction unit
  • Up to 352kB embedded RAM
  • EtherCAT ® node
  • 12-channel DMA (XMC4500), 8-channel DMA (XMC4400, XMC4200, XMC4100)
  • Comprehensive set of timers, Delta sigma Demodulator, Position Interface, PWM with emergency shutdown and ADC trigger, Quadrature Encoder Interface
  • 4-channel high-resolution, PWM (150ps) (XMC4400, XMC4200, XMC4100)
  • Up to 4x 12-bit ADC achieving 4 Mega samples per second (interleaved mode
  • 2x 12-bit DAC
  • Up to 6 multi-functional serial interface modules configurable to SPI, I2C, I2S, UART
  • Up to 6xCAN
  • External bus interface supporting SDRAM, SRAM, NOR-/NAND-Flash and memory-mapped IO devices (e.g. LCD)
  • SD/MMC interface
  • Touch interface and LED Matrix
  • Battery-backed real-time clock with calendar function and time-based or external wake-up capabilities
  • Extended temperature range up to 125°C ambient temperature