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emVNC is SEGGERs free version of a VNC client. It is easy to use, no fiddling with settings, simply enter the hosts IP address and connect.

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • File transfer via VNC
  • Zoom screen contents on client side



This tool was designed with a connection to an embedded hardware in mind. But, due to the fact it uses the RFB protocol it can also be used with any other VNC server without any problems.

emVNC Connection

On connecting to the host emVNC remembers the connection and, if required, the password. Next time connecting the user can simply choose one of the previous connections. Once connected the user has several options available, like zoom in/out or using one of the predefined scaling factors.

Connect to an existing or a new connection:

emVNC Connect

Connected to a VNC server, choose a scaling:

emVNC view menu

emVNC File Transfer

Beside of the different zoom levels emVNC offers a file transfer which makes it possible to transfer data from and to the embedded hardware quite easily.

File transfer:

emVNC file transfer

Combination of emVNC

In combination with other SEGGER products a VNC connection offers a different way to work with an embedded device. Running emWins VNC server on a hardware allows to use an HMI even without a display. In combination with our emUSB-Device and emNet not even an Ethernet connector is required. To get an impression of what it feels like just try the demo application for the STM32F746 Discovery.

STM32F746 Discovery


  • Remember the last connections
  • Remember passwords
  • Zoom in and out of the hosts desktop
  • File transfer
  • Cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Free tool


  • Windows, Linux or Mac
  • emVNC server and an FS for file transfer