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SEGGER Programming Voltage Adapter

General information

The SEGGER Programming Voltage Adapter can be used to provide two dedicated voltages to a target, a programming voltage and a target supply voltage. Both voltages are provided by an external power supply to a connector on the adapter and are controlled by one of SEGGER's Flasher devices. This adapter is especially useful for programming targets that do not feature low-voltage-programming or for targets with a voltage requirement other than 5 V.

If the target needs a 5 V supply a jumper on the adapter can be switched to use the 5 V from the Flasher device so only one external power supply is required (providing the programming voltage). Both channels accept a voltage in the range 4-20 V and can handle a maximum current of 500 mA.

The SEGGER Programming Voltage Adapter has a standard 20-pin 0.1" socket towards the Flasher device and a standard 20-pin 0.1" header on the target side and can directly be inserted between the Flasher and the debug cable maintaining a 1:1 connection of all debug signals except pin 17 which carries the programming voltage.


SEGGER Programming Voltage Adapter


Programming Voltage Adapter Schematic