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SEGGER announces Flasher support for Infineon TriCore™ AURIX

SEGGER’s family of Flashers now support the Infineon TriCore™ AURIX. Newly supported devices include: Aurix (SAK-TCxx) and Aurix2 (SAK-TC3xx). SEGGER Flashers are a family of professional in-circuit programmers, designed to be used in service environments, prototype programming, and for mass production. They program the flash (non-volatile) memory of microcontrollers and Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs) as well as (Q)SPI flashes.

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SEGGER’s product line fully supports Arm Cortex-M85

SEGGER’s product line now fully supports the new Arm® Cortex-M85®. This includes SEGGER’s Embedded Studio IDE, its industry-leading J-Link debug probe, its Ozone debugger and its emPower OS all-in-one embedded operating system.

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AppWizard Tutorial — Gauge Object

In a series of tutorials, each widget of the award-winning AppWizard will be introduced. This video shows how to create a Gauge Object.

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AppWizard Tutorial — Board Support

Learn how to use the board support packages with the SEGGER emWin AppWizard.

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Frankfurt, Germany August 22 - 26, 2022

We invite you to experience SEGGER solutions at this event and look forward to welcoming you atbooth C13 (PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation).


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