2019 |
Dec. 18
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SEGGER's SystemView adds data acquisition via UART and TCP/IP

SEGGER announces the release of SystemView V3.10, a major update to its system verification tool for embedded systems. The most significant enhancement is the addition of real-time data acquisition via UAR­T or TCP/IP. Any system with UART or TCP/IP connection, typically Ethernet, can now be monitored and verified.

The new version comes with the target code required for integration as well as example projects.

The software also adds a variety of new features. New performance markers are useful for performance verification and optimization. A new Runtime window provides information on the runtime distribution of tasks, interrupts and software timers. All windows are updated in real time, with no limit on the sampling time due to streaming data acquisition. The entire data set can be stored for later or remote analysis as well as archival and documentation purposes. SystemView also comes with the files required for many popular RTOS such as embOS, FreeRTOS, uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III, and more. Any system, with or without RTOS, can be monitored.

SystemView V3.10 can be easily downloaded and installed without any registration process. It is available under SEGGER’s friendly licensing policy, and –like SEGGER’s Ozone debugger and SEGGER’s Embedded Studio IDE – is free for non-commercial purposes as well as unlimited evaluation, even for the commercial user. Previous releases of the software continue to be available on

SystemView, like Ozone and Embedded Studio, works cross-platform for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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