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2010 |
Oct. 11
Press Releases 2010
Entire portfolio now available for Renesas Electronics’ RX 32-Bit MCUs

SEGGER's entire portfolio now available for Renesas Electronics’ RX 32-Bit MCUs

SEGGER Microcontroller has released a full set of embedded software, debug and production tools for the Renesas Electronics RX series of microcontrollers. For evaluation, a complete package is available for download for the Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) and the Renesas Development Kit (RDK) for the RX62N microcontrollers.

SEGGER’s complete middleware set includes embOS (RTOS), embOS/IP (TCP/IP stack), emWin (GUI), emFile (File System), emUSB device (USB device stack) and emUSB host (USB host stack). Debugging solutions include the market-leading J-Link debug probe and the brand new J-Link Ultra, which is even faster than the J-Link. Production choices include the Flasher, a stand-alone programming tool that provides fast and easy programming options or J-Link with J-Flash, which can be used to program the flash memory of the devices.

“We believe that the Renesas Electronics RX devices are going to be a very successful series of microcontrollers with its highly efficient core. To complement this very attractive device, we have worked in close cooperation with Renesas Electronics to have our embedded software, debugging and production tools readily available for this new platform right from the start.

SEGGER’s complete portfolio including the market-leading J-Link already fully supports the RSK and the new RDK for RX62N evaluation kits. Our middleware makes optimum use of both the RX core as well as the sophisticated peripherals of the device,” says Dirk Akemann, Partnership Marketing Manager of SEGGER.

“For many years, SEGGER has been a very important tools partner to Renesas Electronics. We are pleased to have been able to support SEGGER with its development projects for the Renesas Electronics RX MCUs. I have been very impressed by the high level of optimization which has been achieved for all tools by SEGGER in a very short time”, says Peter Carbone, senior director, Consumer & Industrial Business Unit, Renesas Electronics America. “We feel that the RX series provides world-class technical performance and features that will attract engineers looking for tomorrow’s leading-edge microcontrollers, and we believe the SEGGER solutions for the RX product series further strengthens SEGGER’s position as a leading independent tool vendor for Renesas Electronics microcontrollers.”

All products follow the same strict, yet efficient, SEGGER coding and documentation standards. These, along with the large number of application samples provided, make it easy to exploit the full potential of the devices. Find out more at Renesas Developers Conference 2010 in Anaheim, California, United States. ( Full product specifications and trial versions are available at: