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2012 |
Aug. 31
emFile, Press Releases 2012
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SEGGER Offers New SQLite Interface for emFile

SEGGER has added an interface layer for SQLite to its popular emFile file system. This makes the most widely deployed SQL database engine easily available for all users of emFile. SQLite is public domain which means, that if you buy emFile, you have access to a free database.

“We are seeing an increased demand for databases in embedded products. We believe that for a lot of our customers, the combination of emFile and SQLite is perfectly suited for the job”, says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager of SEGGER.

More on SQLite is available at:


About emFile

SEGGER’s emFile is a highly efficient file system optimized for resource usage and performance. Two versions are available, one for FAT-file systems and another for EFS, a proprietary file system which allows the use of long file names without royalties. emFile’s driver level is fail-safe by design, removing the risk of corrupted data. To add fail-safety to the upper file-system, a highly efficient journaling option is available for both EFS and FAT. All popular flash media are supported by emFile. Removable media such as SD-Cards, MMC, and CompactFlash are supported, as well as, external flash memories like NOR, NAND, and data flashes. The drivers for the external flash memories include sophisticated wear leveling algorithms. The wear leveling also takes into account that files may be modified at different frequencies. Full product specifications are available at: