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2014 |
Jan. 24
J-Link, Press Releases 2014
J-Link OB 10 Cent Comparison

SEGGER J-Link OB now available for 10 Euro cents

SEGGER now offers their J-Link OB, a proven single chip on-board version of the J-Link, for only Euro 10¢ each.

The J-Link OB saves board manufacturers money while providing developers with an easy-to-use, high performance debugging solution. Based on the industry leading J-Link it offers the following advantages:

  • Universally supported by all popular IDEs
  • Unparalleled download speeds
  • Unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory

The use of the J-Link OB eliminates the need for an external debug probe to be included in the evaluation kit. This makes the packaging smaller, lighter, at a lower cost, and easier to manage. The J-Link OB firmware has been ported to multiple MCUs to help fit the needs of most any project. It may be used on devices with as little as 64 KBytes of flash and a tight 36 pin QFN packaging taking up very little board real estate. SEGGER provides a technical contact to the evaluation board designer to assist in the design and integration of the J-Link OB to the evaluation hardware. This greatly streamlines the design and test cycle. Upon request, the J-Link OB firmware can be ported to other MCUs.

Once implemented, there is no need to worry about support of this debug probe, as most engineers are quite familiar with the J-Link in general, and will be up and running in seconds. In the rare case that support in setting up the debug interface within the chosen development environment is needed, the end user may contact SEGGER directly via the always available SEGGER Support Forum.

Over the past 10 years, the J-Link product line has established itself as the de facto standard for debug probes. This offer is available for those developing evaluation boards based on Cortex-M. Minimum Quantity is 10K for this price. Affordable buyouts (no license fees) are available.
More information on J-Link OB is available at: