What's Happening at SEGGER?

2008 |
Feb. 11
J-Link, Press Releases 2008
SEGGER PR - J-Link for Non-Commercial Use

SEGGER J-Link for non-commercial use at 98 Euros

SEGGER Microcontroller, manufacturer of the J-Link emulator, announces a special offer for non-commercial users. The well known JTAG emulator J-Link, including a license for GDB server and Flash download, is now available at a discounted price of 98 Euros for everybody who does not use the tool to develop a product for sale.


"After the success of our J-Link for students initiative, we decided to extend the offer and include designers who develop microcontroller projects for fun. Everybody should have access to affordable, state of the art development tools at the lowest possible cost”, said Robert Teufel, COO at SEGGER. With J-Link, SEGGER offers the #1 JTAG emulator for 32-bit ARM microcontroller applications.

The combination of J-Link, GDB server and Flash Download can be used with GNU based compilers as well as other professional compilers. For example YAGARTO, an Eclipse based and free ARM tool chain, can be used with J-Link. With the combination of J-Link with Flash Download, it is possible to program the internal Flash of most ARM7 and ARM9 microcontroller directly from the debugger. This is both very convenient and time saving. Experience download speeds into Flash you never thought possible. More information about the J-Link non-commercial use (NCU)