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2021 |
Nov. 24
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SEGGER introduces customization options for popular service programmer

SEGGER’s popular service programmer Flasher Portable PLUS is now fully customizable, enabling corporations to supply their service technicians with a branded tool. The user-friendly device is battery-powered and can store multiple programming images.

Customization options include injection molding using company colors, fascia branding with corporate logos and corporate slogans, and other corporate design elements. SEGGER also offers customization of the display content, including changing the splash screen. All customization is done by SEGGER, requiring no further work on the customer side once their initial choices have been made.

Designed as an extremely rugged, reliable and portable production-grade flash programmer for firmware updates, the Flasher Portable PLUS in-system programmer has a long track record of proven success in the field.

“The in-field service technician is a frontline representative of a company,” says SEGGER’s CEO Ivo Geilenbruegge. “The technician’s tools reflect the company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service. With SEGGER’s customization options, these tools can now also represent the company brand itself.” Volume pricing is available, making a branded quality tool affordable for hundreds or thousands of in-field technicians.

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