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2017 |
Feb. 01
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SEGGER enables low cost, high capacity NAND Flashes for Embedded Systems

SEGGER introduces a software error correction (ECC) package allowing the whole spectrum of NAND flashes to be used in microcontroller based embedded systems. The supported memory chips include high capacity, low cost consumer grade NAND flashes.

Consumer grade NAND flashes with multi-level (MLC) or triple-level cell (TLC) technology require error correcting codes capable of detecting and correcting up to 40 bit errors. Previously, this required a high-cost application-class microprocessor with integrated MLC NAND flash controller.

With SEGGER's new error correcting library, standard 32-bit microcontrollers can now access MLC and TLC NAND, expanding the designer's choice to a broad range of host microcontrollers and flash memories.

The new software package has been designed from the ground for embedded processors with limited flash and (especially) RAM, but to still deliver high performance of up to 25 MB/sec. The software can easily be integrated into any embedded system, makes NAND flashes the number one choice in applications requiring large capacity storage at low cost.

This technology can be used with SEGGER's emFile File System or just the Storage layer making it possible to use the storage in other ways such as for a USB memory stick or with other file system products.

With the rise of IoT devices requiring gigabits of storage, and with board space and cost at a premium, the wider selection of target devices made possible with SEGGER's solution can make all the difference.

To access more information on the emFile NAND flash driver, please go to:
More information on the ECC software implementation can be found here:

About emFile

SEGGER’s emFile is a highly efficient file system optimized for resource usage and performance. Two versions are available, one for FAT file systems and another for EFS, a proprietary file system which allows the use of long file names without royalties.

emFile’s driver level is fail-safe by design, removing the risk of corrupted data. To add fail-safety to the upper file system, a highly efficient journaling option is available for both EFS and FAT.

All popular flash media are supported by emFile. Removable media such as SD Cards, MMC, and CompactFlash are supported, as well as, internal flash memories like NOR, NAND, and data flashes. The drivers for the internal flash memories include sophisticated wear leveling algorithms. The wear leveling also takes into account that files may be modified at different frequencies.
Full product specifications are available at: