What's Happening at SEGGER?

2018 |
Jun. 11
Press Releases 2018

SEGGER connects Embedded Systems to LAN or Cloud through USB Host Interface

SEGGER introduces emUSB-Host LAN that connects any embedded system to a LAN or Internet using nothing more than a spare USB host socket.

Using readily available USB to Ethernet adapters, in-field devices without network hardware can be enhanced with network connectivity using SEGGER software.

emUSB-Host LAN supports USB-to-LAN adapters using software plug-ins. SEGGER offers immediate availability of plug-ins for adapters that use ASIX AX88772/A/B chipsets and for any adapter that conforms to the standard CDC-ECM class or Microsoft's RNDIS specification. Smartphone tethering interfaces usually conform to the RNDIS class. With USB tethering, the embedded system can connect to the Internet, for instance through a service technician's mobile phone, wherever a cellular connection exists.

Due to the very low memory usage emUSB- Host LAN will run on many microcontrollers without requiring additional external memory.

"With the continuous addition of new classes, our emUSB-Host enables PC-like USB support for embedded systems, while retaining the low memory footprint imposed by typical microcontrollers. Adding support for LAN adapters to our USB host stack enables numerous use cases: whether it is a service technician who can configure and manage an embedded system with just his smartphone and a web browser or an embedded system that can be remotely managed by simply asking the customer to connect it to the Internet", says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER.

To obtain more information about emUSB-Host LAN or to download the trial version, please go to: