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2020 |
Mar. 13
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SEGGER partners with Chinese company Nuclei

SEGGER announces support for Nuclei RISC-V Processors

SEGGER is pleased to announce its full support for Nuclei RISC-V processor SoCs. Nuclei System Technology is a leading vendor of RISC-V processor IP in China. In August of 2019, Nuclei and GigaDevice announced the first RISC-V general-purpose MCU, the Bumblebee.

Support includes SEGGER's Embedded Studio IDE, its market-leading J-Link debug probe, and its Ozone debugger. Also included is SEGGER’s state-of-the-art RTOS embOS, Software Libraries in the fields of communication, security, data compression and storage, and IoT, and its portfolio of Flash Programmers.

“The widely adopted and market-leading J-Link debug probe now supports debugging and tracing on common processor platforms, including RISC-V processors,” says Bob HU - CEO of Nuclei Technology System. “This collaboration will allow RISC-V developers to benefit from the highly-unified integrated development and debugging environment provided by SEGGER, making the development process more efficient and mass production more advantageous.”

”We are excited by the possibilities being opened up by RISC-V and Nuclei in China,” says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. “The SEGGER tools are known as a great choice for developers. It is great to partner with Nuclei and see our tools being used for development using Nuclei’s RISC-V processors. And, of course, our friendly licensing allows anyone to easily check out our software, for evaluation, education or other non-commercial purposes, at no cost. Just download and go. It simply works.”

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