What's Happening at SEGGER?

2008 |
Dec. 11
J-Link, Press Releases 2008

SEGGER announces a new member of the J-Link product line - J-Link ARM Pro

SEGGER Microcontroller, manufacturer of the J-Link emulator, announces a new member of the J-Link product line.

J-Link ARM Pro is a refined version of the regular J-Link. It has an Ethernet interface in addition to the USB interface, as well as two additional LEDs which are used as hardware status indicators. When J-Link ARM Pro is used via USB it can be USB powered; for Ethernet use it is powered via the USB connector using a USB hub or the power supply that comes with it.

Furthermore J-Link ARM Pro comes with licenses for all J-Link related SEGGER software products: FlashDL, FlashBP, RDI, J-Flash, GDB Server, providing the optimum debugging solution for professional developers. J-Link ARM Pro can be used with almost all ARM debuggers, enabling download to flash memory with an unlimited number of breakpoints when debugging programs located in flash memory of most popular ARM microcontrollers. It also comes with the license to use J-Flash, SEGGER´s popular flash programming software.

J-Link ARM Pro is fully compatible with J-Link ARM and can be used "out-of- the-box". J-Link ARM Pro uses DHCP per default. The built-in webserver makes manual configuration easy and convenient.

All ARM7/9/11 and Cortex-M3 devices are supported; Cortex-M3 devices can be accessed via JTAG or SWD/SWO at high speed. The latest version of the J-Link software can be downloaded free of charge from SEGGER´s website.

“Ethernet allows using the emulator far away from the PC in a development or production environment; download and debugging speed is higher and Ethernet provides electrical isolation from the PC”, says Ivo Geilenbruegge, Marketing Manager of SEGGER Microcontroller.