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2015 |
Feb. 11
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Renesas Alliance Partner Platinum Global

Renesas Corporation awards SEGGER Global Platinum Partner Status

SEGGER is pleased to announce that it has been promoted to the status of Global Platinum Alliance Partner by its partner Renesas, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions. The global platinum status is given in recognition of the high value SEGGER brings to Renesas customers through its fully integrated set of quality tools for creating reliable application software that enables the creation and deployment of new products throughout the world.

The Renesas Alliance Partner Program, comprising more than 800 companies, aims to increase the synergy between customers, third party partners and Renesas. It allows designers to quickly find qualified design consultants, programming houses, tool vendors and manufacturing companies, providing faster time to market and an extension of their own design and development resources and expertise.

Awarding the status of Global Platinum Alliance Partner to SEGGER recognizes their long- term strategic relationship with both Renesas and its customers. It is based upon proven RTOS and middleware, RTOS-aware debugging capabilities and fast production tools, all supporting a wide range of Renesas microcontrollers (MCUs), microprocessors and application-specific devices around the world.

Steve Norman, Core Marketing Manager at Renesas Electronics Europe, said, “We welcome SEGGER to the very select group of companies with Renesas Global Platinum Alliance Partner status. Every embedded developer needs a set of quality tools for creating reliable application software, then getting it onto their target. This is what SEGGER has consistently delivered to our customers over many years.”

Harald Schober, Director of Sales and Marketing at SEGGER, said, “We are excited and feel very honoured to be a Global Platinum Alliance Partner for Renesas. The market considers us 'The Embedded Experts', with more than two decades of service. All the knowledge and experience our engineering team has gained over this long period has been invested in the right products at the right time, thus matching the needs of our partner Renesas right away. Our new status motivates us to team up with Renesas even closer – we take the responsibility to support Renesas and the market to ensure a smooth design flow when using the trusted MCUs built by Renesas - now and in future.”

For more details on Renesas and SEGGER, visit SEGGER Partner page on Renesas web site: