What's Happening at SEGGER?

2015 |
Sep. 29
emNet, Press Releases 2015

Ready for IoT: New version of SEGGER’s IPv6 TCP/IP stack

SEGGER announces the availability of an enhanced version of its TCP/IP stack with support for the IPv6 protocol suite. The new features expand embOS/IP’s capabilities to meet the requirements of the Internet of Things and to cope with the exponential growth of connected devices.

Because embOS/IP is now a dual-mode stack, existing users can easily enhance their product with IPv6 whilst maintaining full compatibility with their existing IPv4 source code and protocols.

The enhanced emWeb Web Server makes better, more efficient use of memory - it's possible to run the web server with a lower overall memory footprint whilst enabling flexible content delivery when serving pages.

Using AJAX and Server Side Event Technologies, new samples demonstrate web pages with dynamic content, eliminating the need to reload the whole page when the content changes. This ensures a smoother user experience.

To add stability and security to communication, embOS/IP V3 prevents answers to Multicast, ICMP and TCP requests in case the sender is using a Multicast or broadcast address. This defends equipment against denial-of-service attacks launched by malicious hosts and network flooding by badly configured hosts.

With the new embOS/IP version featuring IPv6, SEGGER extends its IoT suite, including tools such as emSecure for generation and verification of digital signatures, and emSSL, the SSL/TLS solution for single-chip systems.

More information on the IPv6 add-on can be found here:


About embOS/IP (now emNet)

embOS/IP is a high performance IP stack specifically designed for embedded systems. The flexible stack supports all popular protocols such as ACD, ARP, AutoIP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, ICMP, IPv4, Multicast, NetBIOS Name Service, PPP/PPPoE, SMTP, SNTP, TCP, UDP, UPnP, VLAN, and many more. embOS/IP is fully compliant to all related RFCs.

Full product specifications are available at: