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2015 |
Sep. 16
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Protect personal documents with SEGGER’s free Sign & Verify

SEGGER Microcontroller has released Sign & Verify, a Windows application which digitally signs a document to protect it from being maliciously altered. The utility is delivered with a key generator, provided free of charge for personal use.

Sign & Verify is an easy-to-use tool based on SEGGER’s emSecure. emSecure is a unique software package designed for embedded devices to prevent the hacking of Firmware and the cloning of Hardware. emSecure creates and verifies digital signatures, thus ensuring that transmitted data is authentic and has not been tampered with.

Sign & Verify brings this security to any kind of data transmission, be it commercial or private use. A pair of public and private keys is used to create and verify digital signatures. Documents may be signed with the private key.

The receiver of the document is provided with the public key, and using this he can verify the signature and check that the document has not been manipulated, as it has been digitally signed by the sender. All of this is done by way of a simple Drag and Drop interface.

Signing data this way is very helpful even in the private area. Modifications of the data during sending – be it through transmission errors, a virus, a trojan or any willful manipulation – will no longer go unnoticed. The utility can also be used commercially, for example to make sure that data stored to and recalled from a server is unchanged. If a commercial license is desired, please contact SEGGER.

The Sign & Verify package contains a key pair for evaluation purposes. For commercial use, a license is required, both the Key Generator and the source code are available.

More information and the download of the Sign & Verify application can be found here:


About emSecure

emSecure is an RSA based software solution to authenticate digital assets. It is used to prevent firmware hacking and to secure products against cloning at no per unit cost. The software package allows creation and verification of digital signatures. Based on asymmetric encryption algorithms with two keys, emSecure signatures cannot be forged by reverse engineering of the firmware. In addition to the integrity check, a digital signature assures the authenticity of the provider of the signed data. emSecure secures firmware updates distributed to embedded devices and authenticates licenses, serial numbers, and other sensitive data. More information on emsecure is available at: