2024 |
Jan. 16
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PR graphic emWin window caching

Window cache boosts performance of SEGGER’s emWin graphic library

SEGGER introduces a window cache feature for the emWin embedded graphics library, typically increasing performance by a factor of four in larger systems with sufficient RAM.

The content of each window or widget is automatically cached into spare memory. When a window – or part of a window – needs to be redrawn, its content is taken from the cache, thereby avoiding the time-consuming process of rerendering.

Configuration and use is very easy, requiring just one line of code to enable use on all windows. All windows can be cached, or caching can be enabled for selected windows only.

This makes emWin ideal not just for small microcontroller devices, but also for systems with high-resolution displays and ample RAM. The efficiency increase eliminates costly redrawing and improves rendering performance, reduces CPU load, and saves energy! The gain in performance depends upon the complexity of the content to be redrawn.

"Running a graphics library in an embedded system occupies a significant amount of computing time. Most of the time is used for rendering," says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER. "Being able to minimize rendering efforts speeds up an application significantly. emWin's window cache does exactly that, and we can see a 4x increase in performance."

SEGGER's emWin is a leading embedded graphics library designed to provide an efficient graphical user interface (GUI) solution for applications with graphical displays. Its flexibility allows it to work seamlessly with different processors and display controllers. emWin is suitable for both single- and multi-task environments, making it versatile for various applications.

For more information about SEGGER and the emWin embedded graphics library with window caching, please visit the memory devices page on