2024 |
Mar. 15
Flasher, News
News graphic: Flasher support Microchip AVR Dx

SEGGER's Flasher production tools expand support for Microchip AVR Dx families

SEGGER has extended the supported devices of the Flasher in-circuit programmers by adding Microchip's AVR Dx families, providing enhanced programming capabilities for AVR devices.

Since version 7.94 of the Flasher Software & Documentation Pack, comprehensive support for the AVR DA, AVR DB and AVR DD families is included. 128 kilobytes of Flash, 512 bytes of EEPROM and 32 bytes User Row take less than 6 seconds to be erased, programmed and verified using SEGGER’s high performance, high reliability flash programmers. This development marks a significant advancement in the compatibility of SEGGER’s Flashers with Microchip's AVR Dx families.

For more information on all devices supported by SEGGER's Flashers, click here: