What's Happening at SEGGER?

2017 |
Oct. 20
Press Releases 2017

New SEGGER ELFLib assists development of monitoring and verification tools

SEGGER announced the availability of the ELFLib. The software is designed to allow host applications (Windows/mac or Linux) to access all data related information available in a target program provided as ELF file. Common use for the ELFLib is monitoring and modifying variables inside an application.

One example of this kind of applications is the J-Link tool J-Scope, which gives developers a real time graphical representation of variables in an oscilloscope-style view. Other use cases for the ELFLib include test automation and verification, especially in production.

Many IDEs have various ways to display information obtained from the ELF file such as variables. However, specific needs might require the information to be represented, modified, monitored or recorded in a different way. Such requirements can be fulfilled using the ELFLib.

The ELFLib is available as a static library for Windows, Linux and MacOS and comes with an example project in source code form. Source code of the library is also available. For more information, please visit: