What's Happening at SEGGER?

2017 |
Mar. 23
Flasher, Press Releases 2017

Handheld Programmer for In-Field-Services

SEGGER has announced the release of Flasher Portable PLUS, a new member of the company’s widely popular Flasher family. This compact unit uses a rechargeable Li-Ion-battery to enable more than 10 hours of continuous, untethered stand-alone operation. It incorporates an LCD to display additional information on the programming process.

The Flasher Portable PLUS can be loaded with multiple programming images and configurations. The ability to store multiple images provides engineers with the freedom to carry updates for different devices and/or different revisions for the same. The user interface comprises Select and Program buttons with direct feedback via an LCD display. The number of programming cycles can be restricted by using the Authorized Flashing feature.

Like SEGGER's Flasher ARM, Flasher PRO and Flasher Portable products, the Flasher Portable PLUS is an in-circuit programmer based on the J-Link family of debug probes using the same ultra-fast proprietary flash programming algorithms.

“The Flasher Portable PLUS is a reliable flash programmer, that is optimized for in-field-upgrades requiring a service technician. It unloads the burden of carrying heavy, cumbersome equipment and is quick and easy to operate. Serviceable devices, that cannot be updated over the air and are difficult to reach can easily be programmed with this handheld device and its simple interface,” says Harald Schober, Sales and Marketing Director at SEGGER.

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