2017 |
Jul. 25
Flasher, Press Releases 2017
Flasher PRO programming RL78

Flash Programming in Mass Production for Renesas RL78

SEGGER announces in-circuit-programming support for Renesas RL78 microcontrollers. Production and service teams, which need to handle RL78 based devices, can now use the fast flash programmers created by SEGGER. RL78 support has been added to the widely-used Flasher PRO and Flasher Portable PLUS.

These Flasher units now also include support for RL78 devices without any additional licensing required. SEGGER is committed to continue the addition of new devices so to further simplify the toolset required for production environments. The mid-term goal is to have a single programming device that is capable of addressing all use case scenarios.

Small series and mass production environments benefit from the reliability and performance of SEGGER's in-circuit-programming solution. SEGGER's production programmers are designed with multiple communication interfaces, making them easy to integrate into any production environment. Mass production environments, ATE and other production control units can easily access the Flasher for programming, which may include unique serial numbers and patch data. Small series runs can be automatically programmed by connecting a standard PC to the Flasher or even manually by a simple button press on the Flasher.

"In a world of 32-bit embedded systems, there are still some significant niches available for 16- bit microcontrollers. The demand for programming solutions has triggered the development of flash loaders for the RL78 closing the loop to our very beginnings 25 years ago, when the first embOS was created on a 78k0", says Harald Schober, Sales and Marketing Director at SEGGER.

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