What's Happening at SEGGER?

2024 |
Jun. 25
SystemView, News
Video thumbnail SystemView Context Statistics Window

SEGGER introduces the Context Statistics Window for SystemView

The new Context Statistics Window in SystemView provides an in-depth analysis of task runtime statistics, enabling users to thoroughly examine individual tasks.

This window displays detailed information about a task’s total active time, blocked time, and suspended time. The blocked time is further broken down into categories such as blocks by interrupts, by tasks, or by the scheduler, and it shows which exact task or interrupt caused the block.

For suspended time, the window provides OS-specific reasons for suspension, using the OS description file for task state information. This ensures the window’s compatibility with all operating systems supported by SystemView.

The Context Statistics Window is especially useful in a multitasking system, where it is critical to ensure that no task is blocked for more than a specified amount of time. By recording a session with SystemView and evaluating the Context Statistics Window, users can easily identify any tasks that may have been blocked and for how long. They can also quickly determine which component of the system caused the block so they can correct it if necessary.

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