What's Happening at SEGGER?

2024 |
May 21
Flasher, News

SEGGER expands support for Espressif devices with Flasher in-circuit programmers

SEGGER has expanded support for Espressif devices with its Flasher in-circuit programmers. With the latest release, version 7.96h, current SEGGER Flashers now support a wider range of Espressif devices, covering a total of 234 devices across eight families.

The following families are now supported:

  • ESP32
  • ESP32-C2 (ESP8684)
  • ESP32-C3 (including ESP8685)
  • ESP32-C6
  • ESP32-S2
  • ESP32-S3
  • ESP32-H2
  • ESP8266

The Flasher production tools address the Espressif devices via UART with baud rates up to 4 MHz, ensuring efficient and rapid programming. The devices are listed in U-Flash, the tool to seamlessly set up the process.

For more information and the complete list of supported Espressif devices, please visit: