SEGGER Cookie Policy


Statement on the use of cookies on SEGGER websites. This statement is valid for the usage of cookies on the following SEGGER websites:

We use cookies and similar software tools such as HTML5 Storage or Local Shared Objects (together "cookies") to identify your interests and particularly popular areas of our websites and use this information to improve the design of our websites and make them even more user-friendly.

1. Functions and use of cookies

a. Cookies are small files that are placed on your desktop, notebook or mobile device by a website you visit. From this we can, for example, recognize whether there has already been a connection between your device and our websites, or which language or other settings you prefer. Cookies may also contain personal data.

b. By using our websites, you agree to the use of cookies.

You can also visit our website without consenting to the use of cookies. This means that you can refuse such use and delete cookies at any time by making the appropriate settings on your device. This is done as follows:

  1. Most browsers are pre-set to automatically accept cookies. You can change this setting by activating the setting *do not accept cookies* in your browser.
  2. You can delete existing cookies at any time. You can find out how this works in detail in the instructions of your browser or device manufacturer.
  3. Like the use of cookies, their rejection or deletion is also linked to the device used and also to the browser used in each case. You must therefore reject or delete the cookies separately for each of your devices and, if you use several browsers, also for each browser.

Please consult your web browser’s “Help” documentation for more information about how to turn cookies on and off for your browser.

c. If you decide against the use of cookies, it is possible that not all functions of our websites are available to you or that individual functions are only available to you to a limited extent.

d. We categorize cookies as follows:

Essential cookies (type 1)

These cookies are absolutely necessary for the functions of the web pages. Without these cookies we would not be able to offer you services.

Functional cookies (type 2)

These cookies facilitate the operation and improve the functions of the web pages.

Performance cookies (type 3)

These cookies collect information about how you use our website. This enables us to identify which parts of our Internet offer are particularly popular and thus improve our offer for you.

Third-party cookies (type 4)

These cookies are set by third parties, e.g. social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, whose content you can integrate via the "social plug-ins" offered on and For more information on the use and function of the social plug-ins, please refer to section 4 of our Privacy Policy


cb-enabled (Cookie Policy) (type 2) expires after 365 days

Indicates that you agree with the usage of cookies on our webpages. It is set automatically upon closure of the 'Use of cookies' information layer. If this cookie exists the information layer will not be shown again for the next 12 months.

fe_typo_user (type2) expires after session

This cookie name is associated with the Typo3 web content management system. It is generally used as a user session identifier to enable user preferences to be stored, but in many cases, it may not actually be needed as it can be set by default by the platform, though this can be prevented by site administrators. In most cases it is set to be destroyed at the end of a browser session. It contains a random identifier rather than any specific user data.

PHPSESSID (type 1) expires after session

Cookie generated by applications based on the PHP language. This is a general purpose identifier used to maintain user session variables. It is normally a random generated number, how it is used can be specific to the site, but a good example is maintaining a logged-in status for a user between pages.


wcf21_cookiehash (type 2) expires after session

Indicates that you agree with the usage of cookies on our webpage.

wcf21_password (type 2) expires after session

This cookie is set by logging in to your personal account on

wcf21_userID (type 2) expires after session

This cookie is set by logging in to your personal account on


gdpr[consent_types] (type2) expires after 365 days

Stores information about your individual privacy settings.

gdpr[allowed_cookies](type2) expires after 365 days

Indicates that you agree with the usage of cookies on our webpage.


ASPSESSIONIDXXXXXXXX (type 1) expires after session

This is an ASP session cookie that identifies your current session with the server. This cookie does not contain any content other than the session ID (indicated in the cookie name by "XXXXXXXX")

Vsettings (type 1) expires after 360 days

This cookie stores any site settings for that session. It does not contain any content other than the session settings. For example, if you select to display 24 results per page on Search Results and Category pages, this cookie will store that setting throughout your browsing experience.

Slt (type 1) expires after session

This cookie is a session login token that gets set when you log into our store. It’s necessary for you to be able to log in and allows you to check out as a returning customer.

CartID5 (type 1) expires after 30 days

This cookie allows you to add items to your shopping cart. An ecommerce essential! Without it, you couldn’t proceed to the checkout page.

History50?(type 2) expires after 14 days

This cookie stores the ProductIDs of the last items viewed by you on our store. It’s used to control the My Recent History functionality, which can be set to appear at the bottom of all product pages as you browse our shop.

__mmapiwsid (type 2) expires after 790 days

The device tracking add-on for the minFraud services identifies devices as they move across networks and enhances the ability of the minFraud services to detect fraud. The device tracking add-on uses both a cookie and local storage as one method of distinguishing unique devices.

CustomerID (type 1)? expires after 360 days

This cookie is set by logging in to your personal account on

HistoryONOFF (type 2) expires after 365 days

This cookie is set in order to show you your recent viewed products.