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Release notes for the Flasher Hub

Version V1.04 (2021-10-14)

Flasher Hub

  1. In some rare occasions when the USB communication between Flasher Hub and Flasher Compact broke down (e.g. Flasher Compact was removed from hub at a specific moment), subsequent communication could hang. Fixed.


  1. Added support for #TERMINAL command for enabling UART to TCP transceivers.

User guide

  1. Order of manual versions in version table was inverted. Fixed.
  2. Chapter "FTP server", Section "Access data": Fixed typo.
  3. Updated screenshots.
  4. Chapter "Working with the Flasher Hub": Added section "UART to TCP transceiver". Section "Seting up the IP interface": Improved formatting.
  5. Chapter "Serial number handling": Fixed typo.
  6. Chapter "Web server": Removed obsolete sub chapters. Added chapter "Status page". Added chapter "Flasher Hub configuration page". Added chapter "Flasher modules configuration page". Added chapter "Programming page". Added chapter "UART page".
  7. Chapter "Remote control", Section "Ascii command interface": Added "Command #TERMINAL".

Web interface

  1. Files: Sometimes when trying to upload files > 256 KB, the upload would fail. Fixed.
  2. Files: Upon finishing a file upload, the web interface will now also show the upload duration and average upload speed.
  3. Status -> Server: Merged into landing page.
  4. Status -> Flasher: Merged into landing page.
  5. Overview: Removed Flasher Hub picture.
  6. Overview: Renamed tab to "Status".
  7. Status: Added "activity" column to flasher table.
  8. Files: While uploading a file to a module, web interface tabs did not receive any updates. Fixed.
  9. Files: The tab now disables controls when inside a directory of a busy module.
  10. Reduced font size to make web interface more compact.
  11. Reduced padding for table headers to make web interface more compact.
  12. Reduced padding for headelines to make web interface more compact.
  13. Reduced padding for content containers to make web interface more compact..
  14. Configuration > Server: Renamed tab to "Configuration > Flasher Hub"
  15. Configuration > Modules: Renamed tab to "Configuration > Flasher Modules"
  16. Configuration > Flasher Modules: Replaced generic Flasher drawing with picture of Flasher Compact.
  17. Status: Added new picture of Flasher Hub.
  18. Status: Moved "Restart" button to "Config > Flasher Hub"
  19. Configuration > Flasher Hub: Added "Restart" button.
  20. Configuration > Flasher Hub: Updated order of tables.
  21. Footer: Added "Powered by emWeb".
  22. Files: Improved wording for button from "Remove files and folders" to say "Remove all files and folders".
  23. Replaced occurrences of multi-byte unit "KiB" with "KB" according to SEGGER's new naming convention:
  24. Files: Added button for viewing contents of plain text files (.txt and .log).
  25. Configuration > Flasher Modules: Added option for seeing and editing the nickname of a module.
  26. Status: Added column for module nickname.
  27. Configuration > Flasher Hub: Updated Flasher Hub picture.
  28. Configuration > Flasher Hub: Merged separate tables for Flasher Hub Configuration into one table for all options.
  29. Configuration > Flasher Hub: Flasher Hub firmware updates can now be uploaded via web interface.
  30. Configuration > Flasher Hub: Replaced radio buttons for enabling / disabling options with toggle switches.
  31. Configuration > Flasher Hub: When a change in configuration was not applied for some reason, no error message was shown. Fixed.
  32. Added "programming" tab for starting and monitoring programming from within the web interface.
  33. Added "UART" tab for starting and monitoring the UART to TCP transceiver of a module.
  34. The "emWeb" hyperlink inside the page footer now opens the page in a new tab.
  35. Files: Unified buttons for increase in readability.
  36. Configuration > Flasher modules: Some special characters in side nicknames (e.g. '&') could cause the table to be refreshed constantly. Fixed.
  37. Log: Slightly adjusted handling of log view for increased usability.
  38. Status: In some cases, an old nickname of a module was displayed after a reattach. Fixed.
  39. Configuration > Flasher modules: Under some circumstances, it was possible for the Flasher Hub to freeze/ hang after trying to apply a configuration. Fixed.
  40. Files: Some browsers (e.g. Firefox) would show old (cached) file contents after downloading a file from a module. Fixed.
  41. Configuration > Flasher Hub: Sometimes toggling the "logging" setting did not work correctly. Fixed.

Version V1.02 (2021-07-05)

FTP Server

  1. Opening module directories (e.g. MODULE.001) did not work. Fixed.
  2. Creating subdirectories (e.g. MODULE.001/tmp/) did not work. Fixed.
  3. Uploading directories via "All modules" did not work. Fixed.


  1. Added server compile date to start of log.

Web interface

  1. Sometimes when the web interface automatically reconnected to the Flasher Hub after a connection loss, the Flasher Hub could crash. Fixed.
  2. Status -> Flasher: The firmware of connected modules can now be updated via the web interface.
  3. Files: Added file browser tab.
  4. Overview: Added server compile date to "Server version" field.
  5. Sometimes after reloading a page, live updates did not work anymore. Fixed.
  6. Changed "reconnect" information header background color from orange to gray.
  7. Added tab "Network" under "Configuration" for configuring Flasher Hub's IP interface.
  8. Overview tab: Added field which displays Flasher Hub's MAC address.

Version V1.00 (2021-03-30)

Flasher Hub

  1. Initial release of the Flasher Hub