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embOS Cortex-M Cypress PSoC

embOS for Cortex-M was developed for and with Cypress PSoC and can be used with any Cortex-M device.
Board support packages for different Cortex-M devices and evaluation boards are included.

Resources and Performance Data

Memory usage
Kernel ROMApprox. 1700 Bytes
Kernel RAM71 Bytes
Task RAM: Task control block36 Bytes
Task RAM: Minimum stack size80 Bytes
Context switching time412 Cycles (8.2 µs on a CPU running at 50 MHz)
Interrupt latency timeZero

Board support packages

CPUEvaluation board
Cypress PSoC4CY8CKIT-042 DevelopmentKit
Cypress PSoC5CY8CKIT-001 DevelopmentKit