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Flasher - Performance

Performance of MCUs with Internal Flash Memory

The following tables list program and erase performance values for different SEGGER Flashers and microcontrollers.

ARM and ARM Cortex architectures

MicrocontrollerSize [KB] Program time* [sec] Performance [KB/s]
Analog Devices 62 2.286 27,122 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
Atmel AT91SAM7S64643.488 33,208 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
Atmel AT91SAM7S256256 7.709 18,349 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
NXP LPC17685128.559 59,820 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
NXP LPC21061201.204 99,668 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
NXP LPC21292482.916 85,048 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
NXP LPC21385005.488 91,108 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
NXP LPC2148500 5.632 88,778 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
NXP LPC22942048 15.976 128,192 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
NXP LPC24785045.419 93,006 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
ST STM32F103ZE51218.763 27,288 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
ST STR7112725.476 49,671 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
ST STR91254412.907 42,148 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
TI MSP432P401256 0.50 512,000 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!
TI TMS470R1B1M10248.147 125,690 !CALCULATE_BAR_2!

* Pure programming time. Total time including erase + verify heavily depends on factors like: Sector size, erase speed of flash, if flash was empty (no erase necessary) or already programmed (erase necessary)


MicrocontrollerSize [kByte]Erase time [sec]Program time [sec]Verify time [sec]Total time [sec]

Power Architecture

MicrocontrollerSize [KB]Erase time [sec]Program time [sec]Verify time [sec]Total time [sec]
ST SPC560B505764.7474.1591.929 10.917