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Built-in Web Server



The Flasher models come with a built-in web server. The web server provides many information about the Flasher. Also some of the Flasher's features can be controlled via the web interface.

The web pages include static and dynamic content. The dynamic content is updated via server side events (SSE). That is why the Flasher's interface always shows the current status of the internal state.

The web server is powered by SEGGER's emWeb Web Server package.

Device Information

The device information page show the essential data of the Flasher like serial number, network setup and firmware version.



IP configuration

The IP parameters can be changed on this page.



Network statistics

The IP parameters can be changed on this page.



Programmer status

The network statistics page presents the relevant statistical data of the network interface.



Programmer configuration

The interface settings can be changed on the programmer configuration page.