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Embedded Studio Non-Commercial License

SEGGER supports students, teachers, and those who are interested in embedded development by making Embedded Studio available free of charge for hobbyist and educational purposes.

  • Free for evaluation
  • Free for education
  • Free for hobbyist use



With its package-based Project Generator and a comprehensive set of SEGGER Evaluation Packages, Embedded Studio makes diving into the world of embedded development as easy as possible.

With the aim to enable everyone to start exploring embedded development with professional tools, Embedded Studio may be used for educational purposes and for non-commercial purposes without charge and without purchasing a commercial license. With the non-commercial license, Embedded Studio imposes no limitation of the tools capability: all professional features are fully enabled.

We encourage Professors, teachers and tutors to use Embedded Studio in courses, classes, and when training to educate the next generation of embedded experts without having to spend a fortune to do so! Students at university, enthusiasts and makers at home, or anybody with an interest in understanding the complexities of making embedded devices tick can now learn and improve at their own pace, using state-of-the-art tools, and  without the anxiety of selecting expensive, inappropriate software.

Take part in creating new technologies - become tomorrow’s Embedded Expert.


Educational purposes in the context of the non commercial license terms allows using Embedded Studio

  • by students, tutors, teachers, or private individuals
  • in universities, colleges, non-profit organizations, or at home
  • for courses, classes, training, and self-education.

The Embedded Studio non-commercial license does not allow using the Software

  • for any commercial purposes, project, or other undertaking, intended for profit
  • to earn money or reasonably anticipate the receipt of monetary gain from using it
  • to develop, debug, program, or manufacture a commercial product (or parts thereof)
  • to develop any software intended to be covered by a software patent.


  • Embedded Studio may be used in a university course to teach and learn about how to program embedded applications.
  • Embedded Studio may be used in free training tutorials to show how to work with Embedded Studio.
  • Embedded Studio may be used at home to learn how to develop an embedded system with typical evaluation tools.

Not allowed

  • Embedded Studio may not be used in a university for a project which is carried out for a company and generates profit.
  • Embedded Studio may not be used to develop a product which is sold or used commercially.

Evaluation of Embedded Studio

Embedded Studio with a non commercial license, for testing and evaluation so as to determine further commercial use. Embedded Studio and all of its features are available without limitation in functionality or code size restrictions.

Before using Embedded Studio for any commercial use, especially to develop a product or to use the generated executable for production of a product, a commercial license must be purchased.