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NXP MCUXpresso Free Edition

Using an MCUXpresso project with J-Link

MCUXpresso by NXP comes with integrated J-Link support. No further configuration necessary. For detailed instructions on how to install and use MCUXpresso, please refer to the MCUXpresso webpage and the User Guide by NXP.

Warning: Do not create a debug configuration manually via the Run → Debug Configurations… menu.
Instead, the debug wizard should be used by executing the following steps:

  • Make sure that J-Link is connected via USB or IP
  • Click Debug ‘$(Project_Name)’ in the Quickstart Panel

  • MCUXpresso will show all Debug probes discovered.
  • Select a probe and click OK

  • MCUXpresso will now generate both a Debug configuration as well as a Run configuration and start a debug session