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J-Link Premium Service

Enable your new devices with the most extensive ecosystem available for embedded development today with J-Link Premium Service, even before product release! Your customers will benefit from a quick and efficient user experience and an array of SEGGER and third-party software tools. Benefits include:

  • Expedited new device support
  • J-Link Certified listing and logo use
  • 1-day technical support response
  • Instant ecosystem access
  • Production flash programming
  • On-chip trace support
  • Hidden device support for pre-release
  • Internal J-Link & J-Trace discount


  • Off-chip trace support
  • J-Link OB (On-Board)
  • Marketing collaboration



J-Link Premium Service is a program designed for silicon vendors who want their customers to hit the ground running with their newly released devices. It is not uncommon for engineering managers to wait for a new device to "mature" before they pull the trigger on devoting it to new project development. Being J-Link Certified can be just the thing to inspire early adoption. Give your customers the confidence in the ecosystem they will inherit along with the selected device!

Getting the Most out of your Device with J-Link

The J-Link team will get the most out of your device. The device support includes fastest possible flash programming, with the support of our dual-banked turbo-mode flash loaders, and proper PLL init to maximize programming speed. Custom RESET is implemented where necessary. Unlimited breakpoints in Flash memory can be made available for your devices, even external flash (parallel CFI or (Q)SPI). The J-Link support includes support for J-Flash as well as for our Flasher family of production programmers.

J-Link PRO Debug Probe with Ethernet

All J-Link Features for your Prototypes

Get your new devices supported even before hardware is available! Ensure the timely addition of support for all new devices. Internal development can begin even before the hardware becomes available.

J-Link has been relied upon to support new devices historically. However, the queue with new devices to be added continues to grow rapidly. J-Link Premium Service brings you to the front of the line!

Hidden Pre-Release Support

"Hidden devices" not yet released, can be made available, but not visible within J-Link software or supported devices list. Take advantage of the complete J-Link debug hardware and software functionality available before official product release. This allows for advance development and peace-of-mind, having a tested debug ecosystem going into your product launch.


J-Link Certified Logo

Take advantage of the "J-Link Certified Logo", as you are entitled to its use included with the J-Link Premium Service. This shows your devices are supported by J-Link and its ecosystem.

SEGGER will list all your devices as J-Link Certified on its dedicated web page and on its supported devices page.

Marketing Collaboration

Work with SEGGER to co-market your new devices, such as a joint press release.  We are open to your ideas.


Technical Support

Technical support for your new devices available within one business day!

When approaching the release date for your new devices, time is of the essence to resolve any technical issues. You can rely on SEGGER's technical support team to help in a timely manner.

Extensive Ecosystem

Instant ecosystem access with J-Link Premium Service. In addition to-J-Link's own extensive tool set, it is also supported by major third-party IDEs, such as Eclipse based (directly or GDB) and commercial solutions including SEGGER Embedded Studio.

For a complete list, please refer to the Supported IDEs page


J-Link OB (On-Board)

J-Link OB (On-Board)1 is full J-Link support made available for single chip integration into evaluation board designs. This optimizes the eval board functionality without the need for the end user to acquire a separate debug probe to evaluate the hardware.

Optionally, features are available to enhance the capabilities of the J-Link OB, such as Virtual COM port (VCOM) and the Drag and Drop intuitive programming feature.

On-chip Trace

On-chip trace is included for devices which support this capability.


Off-chip Trace

Optionally, off-chip trace1 support is available, supported fully by J-Trace PRO and Ozone debugger. Optional Trace Reference Board developed for your device(s).

Internal J-Link and J-Trace Discount

Enable your internal development teams with the best J-Link and J-Trace models at a 50% discount.


Production Flash Programming Solution

In addition to J-Link flash programming, you will also benefit from production flash programming solutions supported by SEGGER's complete line of Flashers, including stand-alone, portable, and full gang programming models.