2021 |
Sep. 02
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SEGGER Webinar: How to Run Your First C/C++ RTOS Application in Less Than 10 Minutes

Live webinar — How to run your first C/C++ RTOS application in less than 10 minutes

Thursday, September 2, 2021, 5pm - 6pm CEST / 8am - 9am PDT — This webinar provides a quick overview of the features and capabilities of embOS, plus it shows you how you can run your first embOS application in less than 10 minutes thanks to SEGGER’s embOS BSPs.

Real-time operating systems (RTOS) are finding their way into more and more embedded applications. Deterministic behavior, task scheduling, and inter-task communication are only some of the important benefits an advanced RTOS can provide.

However, getting started with an RTOS is not always easy. While embedded engineers may be able to find an RTOS port for the MCU core and the toolchain they intend to use, this port is usually still not device and board specific. This means that embedded developers still need to create a board support package before being able to do their first proof of concept.

With embOS, SEGGER's RTOS kernel, things are different. Not only are all popular cores and compilers supported by more than 80 embOS ports, but in addition, all popular devices and boards are already supported by over 500 board support packages as well.

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