Release notes embOS V3.10d for ST7 using Cosmic compiler

Updated: 2002-08-04 [AW] V3.10d

  1. Tool chain used for build
  2. Performance
  3. New features
  4. Improvements
  5. Program corrections
  6. Known problems/limitations
  7. Release history
  8. Miscellaneous

Tool chain used for build

The following tools have been used:
Compiler:  Cosmic CxST7
Assembler: Cosmic Cast7
Librarian: Cosmic Clib
Workbench: Cosmic Idea  V2.9


  1. Task switch time (long stack model, Release build)

  2. ST72F521: 208 us
  3. Interrupt latency (long stack model, Release build)

  4. ST72F521: 49.5 us
Absolute timings are based on 8 MHz internal CPU clock
Task switch time depends on actual stack usage

New features

Version 3.10d

  1. OS_GetpCurrentTimer()

  2. New info routine. May be used in timer callback routines to examine which timer expired.
  3. OS_GetpCurrentTask()

  4. New info routine. May be used to examine current running task.

Version 3.10

  1. Data format for communication with embOSView modified

  2. For terminal I/O in embOSView, the data farmat was changed. Therefore embOSView V3.10 or later is required.
  3. OS_WaitSingleEvent()

  4. Unmasked events remain unchanged when function returns.
  5. OS_WaitSingleEventTimed()

  6. Unmasked events remain unchanged when function returns. Timeout for waiting can be specified.

Version 3.08

  1. Message Queues

  2. Message queues enable intertask communication with messages of various size.



Program corrections


Known problems / limitations

Version 3.10d

  1. Only long stack memory model supported

  2. Nested interrupts not supported by embOS

Release history

Version Release date Short explanation
V3.10d 05. Aug. 2002 First release
V3.08 27. Mar. 2002 First trial release


This document was first released with version 3.10d of the software.

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