Release notes for embOS Version 3.20g for M16C and Tasking compiler

Updated: 2004-07-16 [AW]
Updated: 2003-06-27 [AW]

  1. Tool chain used for build
  2. New features
  3. Improvements
  4. Program corrections
  5. Known problems
  6. Release history
  7. Miscellaneous

Tool chain used for build

The following tools have been used:

TASKING Toolchain 3.0r1
Compiler: TASKING CM16C v3.0r1 Assembler: TASKING ASM16C v3.0r1 Librarian: TASKING ARM16C v3.0r1 Workbench: TASKING EDE v3.0

New features

Version 3.20

  1. OS_Suspend() / OS_Resume() implemented
    New functions to suspend and resume tasks unconditionally.
  2. Fixed size memory blocks implemeted
    New functions to allocate fixed size memory blocks from embOS.
  3. Dynamic memory allocation supported by embOS
    Thread safe dynamic memory allocation functions implemented.

Version 3.10k

  1. OS_GetMailTimed()
    New mailbox retreiving function with timeout.

Version 3.10d

  1. OS_GetpCurrentTimer()
    New info routine. May be used in timer callback routines to examine which timer expired.
  2. OS_GetpCurrentTask()
    New info routine. May be used to examine current running task.

Version 3.10

  1. Data format for communication with embOSView modified
    For terminal I/O in embOSView, the data format was changed. Therefore embOSView V3.10 or later is required.
  2. OS_WaitSingleEvent()
    Unmasked events remain unchanged when function returns.
  3. OS_WaitSingleEventTimed()
    Unmasked events remain unchanged when function returns. Timeout for waiting can be specified.

Version 3.08a

  1. Message Queue functionality enhanced
    OS_Q_GetPtrCond() function enables conditional request of data from Queue without task suspension.
    OS_Q_GetMessageCnt() functions delivers number of messages in the queue.

Version 3.08

  1. Message Queues
    Message queues enable intertask communication with messages of various size.

Version 3.06h

  1. Modified for Tasking toolchain 2.1
  2. All embOS interrupts now defined in RTOSInit.c
    An additional interrupt definition in assembler file is not required anymore. The RTOSVect.asm file is eliminated. Default UART for embOSView changed to UART0.

Version 3.06

  1. Serial interface for embOSView shared with application
    The serial interface used for communication with embOSView is now available for the application.
    embOSView can serve as a terminal for the target application in parallel with trace and profiling over the same serial interface.
    The user application can call the new function OS_SendString() to send data to the terminal, OS_SetRxCallback() to set a callback function for received characters.
  2. Trace build added
    embOS can be traced during runtime with embOS Viewer version 3.06.
    This allows monitoring of the API functions and their parameters called by the application.
    Task- and API-specific filters can be defined via embOSView or directly by the application program via new API calls.
    This functionality requires the trace build (NT, MT, FT or HT libraries)
  3. New event function
    OS_WaitEventTimed() implemented to handle timeout conditions during waiting for events.
  4. New info function
    OS_IsTask() implemented to check, whether task actually exists.

Version 3.04i

  1. Support for embOSView
    embOS Viewer can communicate with embOS via UART if the MCU is properly initialized and the required interrupt routines are present. (Default is UART 1, 38400 baud). This can be easily changed in RTOSInit.c
    embOSView is now shipped with the software.
  2. Profiling
    New profiling builds allow measurement of task execution times.
  3. Improved support for nested interrupt
    OS_EnterNestableInterrupt(), OS_LeaveNestableInterrupt() defined.
  4. New timer functions introduced
    OS_SetTimerPeriod(),OS_GetTimerPeriod() introduced, to modify / check reload value of timer.
    OS_GetTimerStatus() introduced to check whether timer is active.
    OS_GetTimerValue() introduced to check remaining time of timer.
  5. Additional functions
    OS_SetTimeSlice() added to modify the timeslice of a task during runtime.
    OS_CreateCSema() modified; now an initial value of sema can be set.
  6. Modified functions
    OS_ClearEvent() now returns the actual state of events before clearing.


Version 3.10f

  1. Memory requirements reduced
    Granularity enhanced for non embOSView builds to save ROM and RAM

Version 3.06e

  1. Context switching time improved
    Context switching time has been reduced to 373 clock cycles (23.3 us)
    (near model, M16C62 @16MHz)

Program corrections

Version 3.20c

  1. OS_GetMailTimed() corrected
    OS_GetMailTimed () did not retrieve a mail after 256 calls, the waiting task remained suspended. Corrected with version 3.20c of embOS.
    This problem exists in all previous embOS versions and is fixed with version 3.20c.

Version 3.10p

  1. GetMail functions corrected
    Internal functions for retrieving mail from a mailbox did not disable interrupts. This could cause message losses, when mail was written into mailboxes from within interrupt handlers.
    This problem exists in all previous embOS versions and is fixed with version 3.10p.

Version 3.06h

  1. OS_Unuse error code corrected
    When calling OS_Unuse() more often than OS_Use(), the debug version generated an OS_ERR_TASKLIST_CORRUPT error instead of OS_ERR_UNUSE_BEFORE_USE.
    This problem exists in all previous embOS versions and is fixed with version 3.06h.

Version 3.04i

  1. Modified functions
    OS_StartTimer() changed to match doc exactly.
    OS_GetMailCond() had assertions which did not permit usage in interrupt or software timers (debug build only). Fixed.

Known problems


Release history

Version Release date Short explanation
V3.20g 16. Jul 2004 New embOS sources 3.20g, toolchain 3.0 supported
V3.10q 27. Jun 2003 New embOS sources 3.10q, toolchain 2.3 supported
V3.06h 23. Nov 2001 New version for toolchain 2.1
V3.06e 21. Sep 2001 New version with trace functionality
V3.04 01. Feb 2001 First version with release history


This document was first released with version 3.04i of the software.
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