Release notes embOS Version 3.06d for NEC 78K4 for IAR

  1. Tool chain used for build
  2. New features
  3. Improvements
  4. Program corrections
  5. Known problems / limitations
  6. Release history
  7. Miscellaneous
2001-08-15 [AW] V3.06d

Tool chain used for build

The following tools have been used:
Compiler:  IAR ICC78400
Assembler: IAR A78400
Librarian: IAR XLIB
Workbench: IAR EW231   V2.31b

New features

Version 3.06d

  1. Separate interrupt stack supported
    Interrupts use a separate interrupt stack, so that interrupts do not use the task stacks. This reduces the required stack for every task.

Version 3.06

  1. Upgrade from Version 2.2
    embOS for 78K4 using IAR compiler was upgraded to version 3.06 with all features of actual embOS version 3.06 including embOSView


Version 3.06

  1. Context switching time
    Context switching time has been measured as follows: 142us
  2. Interrupt latency
    Interrupt latency has been measured as follows: 56us
    Measurements were taken with a target running in LARGE memory model with 8bit external memory running at 16MHz

Program corrections

Version 3.06d

    Problem with Far code fixed.

Version 3.06


Known problems / limitations

Version 3.06d

  1. Register bank usage
    Initial register bank is fixed to bank 0 for embOS. Register bank 1 is also used by embOS for interrupt stack switching.

Version 3.06

    Actual Version 3.06 is available for the LARGE memory model only.

Release history

Version Release date Short explanation
V3.06d 15.Aug.2001 Interrupt stack switching supported
V3.06 02.Aug.2001 First version with release history


This document was first released with version 3.06 of the software. Software released earlier is documented internally. This information is available at request.

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